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Eco-friendly organic materials registration item

  • Larva Stop
  • Registration No. Posted-1-5-077
  • Volume: 1kg/330㎡, 300g/99㎡, 60g/180L, 10g/18~36L


  1. Isaria fumosorosea NB-HS01 microorganism is an international patent deposited strain owned by Nambo Co., Ltd. and is an Entomopathogenic fungus belonging to the family Cordycipitaceae, which has strong insecticidal properties.
  2. Raw materials of biological pesticides with various hosts such as moths, aphids, whitefly, etc. (Dr. Rajan Laboratories).
  3. It has been reported that the control of insects such as Crambinae, Noctuinae and Pyralidae species in chinese cabbage is more effective than that of Beauveria bassiana or Methrhizium anisopliae (Journal of Tropical Agricultural Science).

How to use





Beginning of the outbreak

3,000 times (6~7g, 180L)

Chilli pepper

Chinese cabbage, lettuce

When symptoms are severe

2,000 times (10g, 108L)


Strawberry, watermelon