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Eco-friendly organic materials registration item

  • Nema Catch Liquid
  • Registration No. Posted-1-5-030
  • Volume : Nema Catch 1L/450L(660㎡) I
    Ingredient : Metabolites of microorganisms (Anthraquinone)


  1. Photorabdus temprata NB-Pt was isolated from native entomopathogenic nematode bacteria. It (known as anthraquinone) has a nematocidal effect and helps prevent secondary damage to crops.
  2. Title of patent application : Development of phytonematode control and commercialization technology using entomopathogenic nematode bacteria

How to use

Crop Pest Usage
Chilli pepper Meloidogyne spp. Drainage treatment after 500~1,000 times dilution

The life cycle of entomopathogenic nematode

Egg → Bacteria settled in nematode nymph → Nematodes reproduce for 2~3 generations → Infective juveniles are produced when resources become limited → Infective juveniles emerged from the host → Entomopathogenic nematode → Infective juveniles penetrate into host → Host dies → Release antibiotic and toxin by bacteria → Nematodes release symbiotic bacteria → Development → Mating


※ Keep in a cool dry place.
※ Keep the expiration date.