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Eco-friendly organic materials registration item

  • NB-Sc
  • Registration No. Posted-3-5-016
  • Volume : 1pack(100g)/225L


  1. It is a safe natural material special material that is harmless and does not have residual toxicity by using entomopathogenic nematode.
  2. It has an excellent effect on preventing larvae with various resistant.
  3. Detect the target species and move it by itself.

Target and How to use

Reduced damages such as Rice leaf roller, Fungus gnot and Cutworm
Crop Pest Application Dilution times
Strawberry, chinese cabbage, tomato,
lettuce, chilli pepper
Moth, fly caterpillar and
cicada larva
Apply at the early-onset by
foliage treatment
2,000 times
Irrigation water treatment