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Eco-friendly organic materials registration item

  • Die One Gold
  • Registration No. Posted-3-5-030
  • Volume : 250ml/225L IIngredient : Aconitine


  1. As a registered natural vegetable extract, it hinders food intake of pests. Also, it interferes with nerve agents and causes a deformity of eggs or metamorphosis. It is safe cause it does not contain residual toxicity as well.
  2. It is a safe, environmental material produced according to the government environmentally-friendly agriculture promotion act.

Target and How to use

Damage reduction of rice leaf roller, cutworm, thrips and aphid
Crop Disease Application Dilution times
Chilli pepper, cucumber Cotton aphid Every 7 days when frequently occurring 1,000 times
Chinese cabbage, tomato, lettuce 2times foliage treatment